PS4 MAFIA Trilogy

Овој производ ќе биде достапен од 28 август 2020.

Pre-Order Bonus Players who pre-order will receive: The Chicago Outfit which includes an exclusive outfit, The Don, an exclusive vehicle, Smith V12 Limousine, and an exclusive weapon, Gold Semi-Automatic.

3,990 ден

MAFIA: Definitive Edition• Remake of the beloved classic, rebuilt from the ground up• Narrative upgrade• Modernized gameplay • Expanded map • New gameplay features include motorcycles andin-game collectibles

MAFIA II: Definitive Edition• Remastered and presented in HD (4K Compatible)• Available for the first time on current-gen consoles• Visual Remaster includes new facial motion captureand texture upgrades

MAFIA III: Definitive Edition•Includes all previously released DLC:-DLC 1: FASTER BABY-DLC 2: STONES UNTURNED-DLC 3: SIGN OF THE TIMES-Family Kick-Back Weapons & Vehicles Pack-Judge, Jury, Executioner Weapons Pack

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Action, Adventure